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How To Be Intentional (as an entrepreneur)

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“The busier you are, the more intentional you must be”

-Michael Hyatt

Now, let’s get into the meaning of what the word intentional means. Intentional means to be “done on purpose; deliberate.” (Definition from Oxford English Dictionary) Now let’s take that meaning and apply it to ourselves as entrepreneurs. First, let’s ask the question “What goals am I trying to reach in my business?” Now, take that answer, and ask yourself these questions.

  • How am I going to commit myself to take the actions needed to accomplish my goal(s)?
  • Do my current daily practices align with the course of action I NEED to take?
  • How can I put more focus (more intention) to my daily routine?
  • Am I willing to apply conscious decision making to my everyday decisions?
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How Conscious decision making can Help your Business

Applying conscious decisions to your everyday actions can be both simple and difficult (if you make it). But first you need to know yourself: your values, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Don’t compare yourself to other entrepreneurs or anyone else for that matter. You have your own way of thinking, so you should have your own way of doing things. Write down the actions that you need to take and apply them with every decision. Stay focused on your purpose, getting distracted will not help you achieve your business goal(s). Identify the disadvantage of not making the effort, then the advantage of taking the course of action.

After you’ve yourself out loud what do you consider before making a decision, after you’ve identified the advantages and disadvantages of taking or not taking that risk, and after you’ve recognized yourself, you can make your decision. The benefits of taking these steps to apply conscious decision making to your everyday routine, is that you are practicing being more intentional with yourself and your business.

Being more intentional helps you align and focus on the priorities in your everyday life, and conscious decision making is more so about the reward for your business, than the risk you may take. Living with intention is better than going through the motions of your everyday routine! As an entrepreneur, you can choose to make purposeful decisions, not just everyday choices! Practice self-care! Focus on aligning your current daily practices with your course of action and treat every day as a purposeful journey that will help you reach your long-term business goals!

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.

-Jim Rohn
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