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Meet The CEO!

Welcome to my blog fellow entrepreneurs! I am Yani, a “momtrepreneur”, and I will be sharing Blog Content for business owners, Virtual assistants, and creative Individuals with similar passions as myself !

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About Me

Hello Everyone, my name is Yani! I’m from Dallas, Texas. I have recently decided to pursue a career in virtual assistance for E-commerce business owners, specifically crafters, Designers, but I gladly assist any creative business and entrepreneur! I have always been multi-talented, and I would say I am a “Jill of all trades”. I am skilled at many things: Crafting, Crocheting, singing, piano, hairstyling, writing, problem solving, and… I think you get the picture! I never really narrowed down what my true passion was, but I always knew that I would be my own boss, and I always knew that I loved to help others! For some reason my brains have always been my best attribute. My close ones have always reminded me that I am gifted, & that I was made to use my Brain. Now, here I am using my brain, talent, and skills that I have gained through experience to Assist other Creative Business owners by doing administrative tasks, Social Media Management, Customer service, and more so WE can grow as Entrepreneurs!

I Have Been into crochet and crafts since I was a small girl. I will leave some of my creations here. I also have an up and coming crochet clothing and accessories business as well! I can’t wait to use my passions and entrepreneurial skills as an up and coming virtual assistant to help other Business owners to make it easier for them to thrive!

Crochet clothing businesses

If you are a creative entrepreneur interested in letting your business thrive, please check out my Virtual Assistant Instagram Page, where I share valuable information for all entrepreneurs, and check out all of my Links! I would LOVE ❤️ TO CONNECT with you crafters, designers, and makers! @CEOYANI

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